My Clients' Experiences

Working with Nicole has been an amazing experience, and she has provided endless support for me through many difficult situations. She is validating, empowering, empathetic, caring and truly the best therapist I could ask for. I look forward to every session that I have with Nicole because she helps me to see things from a different perspective and always provides me with options and alternative ways to handle difficult situations. I am so thankful for Nicole and the time she spends working with me to help me live my best life. She is the best!  - C.I.

I have found great success in my time working with Nicole! In the past, I have often felt that therapy is really "what you make of it," and that sentiment certainly holds true. However, when I started working with Nicole, I have often found myself acknowledging how affected I am by her wonderful energy, and the environment she creates in her office. So much of the comfort I feel is due to Nicole's unwavering kindness in my sessions with her. She consistently offers me tools to use, actions to take, and questions to ask that move me forward, while simultaneously making me feel safe and supported. Nicole is the ideal therapist for those who don't particularly enjoy speaking, those who do, and everyone in between.  - K.C.

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