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Here you will find resources, articles, book recommendations, journal prompts, blogs, mental health related resources in the community, and other important information and links that will most likely be discussed in sessions with Nicole. Allow this page to be a refresher for when you are not in session and need a reminder on what you have learned.

Nedra Glover Tawwab

Boundaries therapist, expert, queen! Click below for her website to order her book.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Find local support groups and mental health resources. 


7 ways to practice self-compassion with yourself. Also, check out Kristin Neff.

Attachment Style Quiz

Diane Poole Heller's attachment style quiz - see which attachment style you are and how it affects your relationships today! 

Fawn response

Better understand the fawn trauma response in addition to fight, flight, and freeze.


Read about the importance of emotional validation and how to validate another person's feelings.

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