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Frequently Asked Questions

What are EH, LLC's business hours?

Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. The earliest session scheduled is 9am and the latest session scheduled is 5pm. Friday-Sunday the office is closed.

Does EH, LLC accept health insurance?

EH, LLC is not affiliated with any health insurances. It is recognized as an out of network provider. Superbills for insurance out of network benefits can be created for you to submit to your insurance. Please contact your provider for detailed information on your specific plan and benefits.

What population of clients does my caseload consist of?EH, LLC accepts all adults, 18+, and feels confident in working with a wide range of various mental health symptoms and daily life stressors. For a detailed list, please visit the Home page.

Do I have to attend therapy weekly?

No. EH, LLC does not delegate how often you need to schedule sessions. At times, it is recommended to do weekly sessions in the beginning depending on the individual's presenting symptom, stressors, and emotional health. Clients can schedule bi-weekly sessions, monthly. 

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