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IASIS Microcurrent NeuroFeedback

"What is IASIS Microcurent NeuroFeedback & why does IASIS Neurofeedback help so many conditions?  The result of disentraining the brain and central nervous system to be balanced. IASIS Neurofeedback causes brief microcurrent stimulation (3 Pico or 3 trillionths of a watt) to the nervous system, resulting in a temporary fluctuation in brainwaves.

This change allows the brain to heal itself.

IASIS Neurofeedback does not train the brain like traditional neurofeedback; rather it “untrains” the brain and CNS (central nervous system) by allowing it to heal itself and shift from its formerly fixed patterns. This is analogous to re-booting a computer."

IASIS Neurofeedback is for anyone whom has experienced trauma, mental illness, medicine resistances, medical diagnoses such as Parkinson's, children with Autism; and so much more.

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Contact Information & Patient Testimonials

Rising Spirits Iasis MCN, LLC

Elevating your Mind & Body 

Ridgewood, NJ


Deborah Clark

Pharmacist & Consultant

(973) 832-3017


Christa Lewis

Physical Therapist & Health Coach

(732) 890-1564


"I have been working with Debbie & Christa for the last month. For me, I am utilizing IASIS to decrease my anxiety, increase my energy levels and productivity that sometimes are low due to negative emotions, and to alleviate my physical chronic pain. I also would love to decrease my anti-anxiety medication overtime. So far, I have seen improvements in all of the above!! My chronic pain will take some time, but overall I feel clearer, more grounded, calmer, energized at times, and I feel more resilient. Debbie & Christa have been a wonderful addition to my life and holistic self-care. I would never recommend treatment to my clients that I have not tried myself. This is it. A perfect addition to therapy. I highly recommend."

- Nicole Peluso, Owner & Therapist of Empowered Healing, LLC

"I have Parkinson's and have been in a wheelchair. My brain feels more clear, my body is much more calm, & I am so much happier. My movements are smoother and I can sit down and actually read a book for the first time in a long time. My humor is returning. This treatment is saving my life." - B.R.

"IASIS has gotten rid of my worry thoughts!! It helps me do things without worrying like seeing my friends, going out to dinner, and having sleepovers. I also feel more focused in school!!"

- K.L.

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